It is not very often that Monaco’s Criminal Court deals with such a serious offence as that which came before it on Tuesday.

The accused had been charged with rape, violence and attempted murder on his former partner and violence against a minor, and was found guilty on all counts, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

Originally from Guadeloupe and working as a gardener in Monaco, Frédéric Césaire-Valéry had been released on bail after the rape and then planned to kill his victim a week later, the court was told.

A lawyer appearing for the principle victim said that her client bore no responsibility for what had happened to her. She criticised the shortcomings of the judiciary and the police and said that the trial should serve as an example of what should happen to such perpetrators.

After seven hours of deliberation the court handed down a sentence of 15 years in jail and made an order for treatment.