The number of in-patients at Princess Grace Hospital has increased in recent weeks, adding pressure to staff and facilities.

In response, the hospital is about to open an additional unit to accommodate ten more patients.

The hospital’s director, Benoîte de Sevelinges, said on Saturday, January 30, that on the previous day 71 coronavirus-positive patients were being treated at CHPG, with ten in intensive care.

One very important factor to be taken into account is that many patients are very old. The new flexibility that will stem from the additional beds is that patients can be cared for in “a more gentle way.”

On Friday, the hospital was treating ten patients older than 90.

Mme de Sevelinges points out that most contaminations stem from family members. “These are not patients who were infected in restaurants or in the supermarket, but rather in the family or with their carer, at times when barrier gestures fall,” she said.

Importantly, the hospital continues to treat patients with other illnesses, except for certain non-urgent procedures.

Mme de Sevelinges makes it clear that Princess Grace Hospital is taking a sophisticated approach to dealing with the challenging demands imposed by the pandemic, by reacting quickly and flexibly to emerging challenges, and most importantly, always putting the interests of its patients to the fore.

FILE PHOTO: Benoîte de Sevelinges