The vaccination campaign launched in the Principality on December 31 among people living in retirement homes has continued for those over 75 years of age. To date, those who have expressed their wish to be vaccinated have all received their first injection.

More than half of this age group has already been vaccinated as part of the strategy implemented by the Government in consultation with the National Council.

At the same time, the most exposed health personnel who wish to do so Immediately and people between 65 and 74 years old have been invited by mail to contact the call centre (92 05 55 00, open seven days a week) to express their wish to be vaccinated.

The first vaccinations for this age category started on Tuesday morning and will continue over the next few days. People under 65 with particular risk factors are also invited to make themselves known by attaching a letter from their doctor to their request.

The objective is to continue the strategy which aims in the long term to vaccinate Monegasques and residents who so wish, as well as, secondly, employee volunteers.

Given the global constraints on vaccine supplies, the Principality will continue to make every effort to vaccinate as quickly as possible.