The Prince’s Government has decided to close sports halls and swimming pools, as well as introduce a more general ban on the practice of sport in a closed environment, including school sport, for three weeks – until January 27 inclusive.

However, sports coaches can continue to provide private lessons limited to one person, indoors and outdoors.

The decision to close sports halls has not met with the approval of the majority of representatives of the National Council, considering that there had not been a proven case of contamination thanks to the measures put in place by the professionals concerned. However, the Government considered it justified nonetheless.

Intensive physical activity in a closed space represents a risky practice, according to health authorities, the Government said, adding that it is considering targeted support for sports facilities.


The Government is also offering to provide hotel accommodation for those testing positive in Monaco to avoid intra-family contamination.

“This is to provide the possibility of isolation for positive people who want it. Indeed, many contaminations are intrafamilial. They even seem to be more numerous following Christmas Eve. Once again, the health authorities insist on the importance of respecting barrier gestures such as wearing a mask, repeated hand hygiene and sufficient ventilation (in housing).”

FROM THE MONACO GOVERNMENT WEBSITE: To enable the emergency services and Princess Grace Hospital to focus on their primary missions, Monegasque nationals, residents and employees can contact 92 05 55 00 to discuss any questions they may have about COVID-19. The line will be open from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 until 17:00.