The 21st meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee took place on Friday, December 11, at the Ministry of State at which the Prince’s Government and representatives of the National Council discussed the health crisis and its social and economic consequences. The main objective of the meeting was to review the impact of the French measures that come into force on December 15.

In particular, participants analysed the impact for the Principality of the curfew between 20:00 and 06:00 in France.

Following the health measures implemented in Monaco on November 1 that were extended until December 18, coronavirus figures have been encouraging. The incidence rate (i.e. the number of people infected over a 7-day period per 100,000 inhabitants) was divided by four in one month and the number of people hospitalised in intensive care at the CHPG also fell to average three compared to six at the very beginning of November.

However, Monaco health authorities are urging the utmost caution due to the active circulation of the virus in many parts of Europe. This vigilance is all the more necessary since the holiday season is, for many people, synonymous with travel abroad and many social interactions that promote the spread of the virus.

There are certain adjustments that could be made in the next few weeks if the health situation allows it, especially in connection to sport. The Government is working on a safe return to sports practice, in line with the demand of elected officials.

The Joint Committee also looked into the issue of saliva tests and vaccines. The government has said it has already positioned itself to have all types of vaccines available when approved by health authorities. Vaccine storage and logistics arrangements have also been finalised. The Government recalled that vaccination will be done on a voluntary basis.

The Joint Committee addressed the socio-economic aspects of the crisis. Attention was paid to the particular difficulties encountered by merchants in Monaco Ville. Finally, all the participants were delighted with the success of the Carlo operation in which the State directly injected 5.5 million euros into the local economy through vouchers issued to merchants in the Principality, officials and agents of the State.

It was agreed that talks will take place this week between the Minister of State and the President of the National Council, before the end of the measures currently in force until December 18.

FILE PHOTO: Health and Social Affairs Minister Didier Gamerdinger visiting the Home Monitoring Centre earlier this year Monaco Government Press Service