Monaco’s 20:00 until 06:00 nightly curfew will continue until December 18, the Government announced on Friday.

The current rules will continue to apply, including the 22:00 exception for diners and theatregoers.

Reservations at restaurants remain compulsory and there is a limit of six diners per table. Customers are issued with a written notice proving they have dined at a specific restaurant, should they be stopped on the way home. Service stops at 21:30.

Police officers have been checking frequently that the rules are being observed, including at lunchtime. Meantime, bars can only open during lunchtime and from 19:00 in the evening if they are serving food.

HSH Prince Albert will address the Principality in mid-December to announce the plans for the end of the year festivities.

Residents who wish to cross to France must be in possession of an “attestation” giving a reason for being out and about. On Saturday, November 28, the French government extended the time permitted out of the house from one hour to three, although there should be a compelling reason. The 20-kilometre radius from home now allowed brings Nice within reach.

Here is a link to the “attestation” form on the French government’s website. It’s available in English. Scroll down to find the Union Jack and click on it to download the attestation.

The sixth item on the list has the biggest catch-all value. There have been no signs of vigorous enforcement in Beausoleil. The fine in France for not carrying a valid attestation is 135 euros for a first offence.

FILE PHOTO: Minister of State Pierre Dartout