A 57 year-old carer and companion to a Monaco resident has inherited a considerable sum from her former employer, following a court case during which the prosecution alleged abuse of frailty.

The case came to court after the noblewoman’s bank raised the alarm over large cash withdrawals, according to a report in French-language daily Monaco Matin.

However, the defendant told the court that her employer always wanted to pay for everything in cash, being suspicious about the tax authorities in Italy.

“I never spoke up when Madame was doing her business. I had the code for the debit card only to pay the pharmacy. For all other payments, like cheques, she was always with me. I filled them. She signed them. That’s right, I got gifts: watches, furs. She also loaned me 10,000 euros to buy a Mercedes.”

The sum of 295,000 euros was withdrawn from the employer’s bank account over a six-month period in 2015, the court heard.

However, the accused had no money in her own account when her employer died in January 2016 and there was no evidence of wrongdoing on her part. She had worked for the same lady since 1988.

Council for the defence told the court that his client had not committed any crime.

“The Marquise was a coquettish woman, always adorned, made up, dolled up. The day she wanted to withdraw € 300,000 to buy a pink diamond, the bankers were suspicious. Other than that, there is nothing on this file that holds up. I don’t understand why we are here.”

Unless another claimant comes forward, the care companion can look forward to a wealthy retirement.