The French Departement that surrounds the Principality will soon be subject to the same curfew regulations imposed on Paris and many other major French cities.

From Saturday, October 24, it will be illegal to be out and about between 21:00 and 06:00, except under certain circumstances.

The partial lockdown is likely to last six weeks and is designed to keep the schools open and businesses running.

It will still be possible to walk the dog, undertake child care duties, visit doctors or hospital or to take care of the vulnerable. A written or printed attestation will be needed, as was the case for several weeks from March 16 this year.

A fine of 135 euros will be imposed for a first offence.

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Prime Minister Jean Castex warned that stronger measures could be coming soon: “There is still time to avoid it, but we don’t have much time left.” He said that if an improvement in figures is not seen within 15 to 18 days, “much harsher measures” will be considered.

The number of new infections in France rose by more than 40,000 on Thursday, a new record.

PHOTO: French Prime Minister Jean Castex Reuters