Storm Alex left only a few limited traces of its passage in Monaco, the Government said in a press statement on Saturday.

Over 105mm of water fell in nearly an hour on Friday evening when the storm was at its most intense.

The fire service was called out thirty times, mainly concerning flooding in private premises. The basement of the Larvotto car park saw 20 centimetres of flooding.

Firefighters also attended a landslide on Chemin des Révoires in Beausoleil and a fallen tree on the prison terrace.

In view of the cancellation of train and bus services in the afternoon, the Government organised 350 beds at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco with the support of the Carabiniers du Prince and volunteers from the Monaco Red Cross. However, only one person took up the offer and was found accommodation at a hotel in Beausoleil. The centre was closed at 21:00.

The second part of the night was much quieter with the return of good weather at the end of the night. Rail and bus traffic resumed on Saturday morning.

PHOTO: Storm damage at the Monte-Carlo Beach on Friday Supplied