AS Monaco is strengthening its organisation by combing the “physical development” and “medical” sectors to create a performance department. On October 2, the club stated that it is very happy to announce the arrival of James Bunce who will lead the new department as the Director of Performance.

The 34 year-old Brit has his fair share of experience in the world of athletic performance as his career has seen him strengthen sporting organisations in England and the United States. Bunce kicked off his career in 2007 with Southampton FC and was recruited by the Premier League in 2014.

Bunce has now arrived to the Principality to take on the role of Director of Performance of AS Monaco. Under the leadership of Sporting Director and fellow Brit Paul Mitchell, Bunce will oversee the reduction of the risk of injury while monitoring players performance, medicals, nutrition, psychology and their physical preparation.

Featured image courtesy of AS Monaco