Since 1994, the Monegasque Government has encouraged the use of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles over that of its polluting petrol and diesel powered counterparts. This is exemplified by the now longstanding purchase premiums granted to buyers looking for eco-friendly sets of wheels. In some cases the grant can be very generous as anything with CO2 emissions below 21g / km is entitled to a 30 percent discount of up to €10,000. Prefer two wheels? No problem! The grant extends to electrically-assisted bikes too.

With 3,205 electric and hybrid vehicles registered, the Principality currently has a fleet of 6.8 percent ecological vehicle. In order to continue its environmentally conscious efforts, the Environment Department wanted to make the process for applying for the grant easier and more accessible from the comfort of the resident’s home by setting up a teleservice, saving on precious paper resources in the meantime.

This new teleservice will allow users to request assistance from their home for the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle with CO2 emissions of 110 g/km or less. The online process can be started here.