After several days last week when coronavirus infection rates in France soared to more than 2,000, reaching 2,288 on Friday, the government said on Monday that the latest daily infection figure was 785.

The earlier figure had prompted the UK government to ‘put France on notice’ that unless it cut infection rates it would be likely that travellers from France would have to quarantine on arrival in the UK. There are currently an estimated 500,000 Britons on holiday at France.

On Monday, August 10, Paris has required the wearing of masks on all busy streets, with exceptions being made for more open areas such as the space around the Eiffel Tower. The cities of Nice, Lille and Biarritz have adopted similar measures in recent days.

Also on Monday, the number of new deaths in France was 14, Italy 4, Spain N/A, and UK 21 (following a review of previous data).

No new figures had been published in Monaco at midnight on Monday, August 10.

PHOTO: Reuters