It is one thing to produce and market an orange liqueur, as Philip Culazzo has done with considerable success in his custom-made distillery in the heart of the Condamine, but quite another to develop a world-glass gin in a very competitive market, once again using only local and natural ingredients.

But in the rarified world of top-end drinks, Philip has once again succeeded, surprising the market – and maybe himself – with a gin that has already gained international approval.

Philip set himself the aim of sourcing ingredients from within a 20-kilometre radius of Monaco, and after 18 months of effort and experimentation his Monaco Distillery has produced a Monaco gin of outstanding quality and individuality.

He narrowed down the field to seven citrus fruits, all from an area closely linked with Monaco’s history, combined with the essential juniper carefully selected from Tuscany and Macedonia.

The result is a sophisticated and finely balanced gin that has already won accolades from gin aficionados worldwide. And retailing at a very reasonable 42 euros for a bottle, and with all-natural fruits, the Monaco Distillery has scored a major success.

Monaco Daily News is not the only Monaco medium to appreciate the outstanding result. Local French-language daily Monaco Matin could hardly restrain itself when its correspondent wrote: “It’s fresh, elegant, and a tonic. Like a Charleston dress that turns to the sound of jazz on a terrace by the sea. The crazy years, in a glass. A delicacy.”

PHOTO: Philip Culazzo with his Monaco gin at the Monaco Distillery, 7 rue de la Turbie Ian Brodie