The French authorities announced on Friday that travellers arriving from 16 countries will be required to undergo testing for coronavirus.

All of the countries are on the French ‘red list,’ so the new rules, which will take effect from August 1 at the latest, apply mainly to French citizens and residents, plus Monegasques and Monaco residents and residents of other EU states.

The list includes: the US, United Arab Emirates, Bahrein, Panama, South Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Brazil, Peru, Serbia, Algeria, Turkey, Madagascar, India and Oman.

Speaking at Charles de Gaulle airport on Friday, Prime Minister Jean Castex said that 3,000 people arrive from these countries every day.

Travellers should be tested before departure, but if that is not feasible, they will have to undergo compulsory testing on arrival in France. Results will be mailed out within 48 hours.

Those arriving from other European states, the UK and other ‘green list’ countries will be exempt from the tests. The tests are free.

PHOTO: French Prime Minister Jean Castex Reuters