Two more coronavirus cases were reported in Monaco on Friday evening, bringing the total of new cases to seven this week. One of those infected lives in the Principality.

Neither of the two people has been hospitalised, leaving one of those cases reported last night as the only patient currently in hospital.

Eight people are being treated at home under medical supervision.

Friday was the fourth consecutive day of new infections being reported, following several weeks during which the handful of new cases were all traced to returning overseas travellers and tennis players who came back to Monaco after being infected during the ill-fated Adria Tournament.

To put the recent figures in context, only one Monaco resident has died since the beginning of the outbreak. The Principality has also undertaken a massive screening programme and the Princess Grace Hospital is very well equipped to deal with more cases. Not all cases reported in Monaco concern residents of the Principality.

However, this week has underlined the importance of continuing with basic hygiene and social distancing, and especially the wearing of masks.

Elsewhere on Friday, 123 new deaths were reported in the UK, 10 in France, 5 in Italy and 3 in Spain.