UPDATED: 12:24 As France loosened its travel restrictions for EU arrivals, Nice Airport became busier this week, with 17 flights arriving and leaving on Wednesday and again on Thursday.

As easy jet Europe partially relaunched its services, the airline served Paris and Nantes on both days. The BA flight to London was cancelled on Thursday.

it would appear that the British carrier, which has maintained the Heathrow-Nice link throughout the coronavirus crisis, is cancelling some of its flights to consolidate its loads on other days. Several weeks ago the airline cancelled its Heathrow service on June 20, with passengers able to rebook easily for the next day’s flight.

The British airlines are not expected to increase the number of UK destinations until the British government ends the current 14-day quarantine requirement for incoming passengers. The first three-week review is due on June 29. However, easyjet is operating a small number of flights to London Gatwick during the rest of June and is selling tickets to and from other UK destinations from July 1.

During April only three flights each day were serving Nice, one to Paris, one to Corsica and the other the BA flight to London.

Meanwhile, the 110 Airport Express coach is back in service, connecting Monaco to the Airport. All flights are using Terminal 2.