What you can see here is Stuttgart’s latest track honed creation – the 935. This particular model was snatched up by a Monaco-based collector in February of this year and has since then covered 0 miles, instead existing only in the confines of a climate-controlled garage. Only 77 of these thoroughbred racers were ever produced, somewhat justifying the €840,000 price tag.

Resisting any possible urge to drive this machine may well have been worth the restraint as the car will be auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s European division for an estimated €1,275,000 – €1,375,000. 

Vice President of Porsche Motorsport and GT cars stated; “Because the car isn’t homologated, engineers and designers didn’t have to follow the usual rules and thus had freedom in the development.” Leading to the radical design you can see in the gallery below:

This example is finished in a Martini Racing livery, complementing the curves of the bodywork. Up front there is an apparant absence of Porsche’s classic frog eye headlights. Instead, the Germans have moved the headlights lower down the nose. The rear end features a new spin on the “whale-tail” design making for a rather attractive derriere.

Under the carbon reinforced plastic bodywork, you will find a 3.8 litre, twin turbocharged straight-six engine which produces a healthy 700 horsepower up to 7,000 rpm. with a 0 to 62 mph time of just 2.5 seconds and a massive wing. The new owner will be more than adequately equipped to tackle any track. If they are brave enough, that is.

All photos courtesy of RM Sotheby’s by Raphael Belly