Despite formidable obstacles, low-cost airline easyJet plans to resume half of its routes by the end of July, although with less frequent flights.

Seventy-five percent of its 1,022 routes will be revived during August, the airline said. All easyJet flights have been grounded during the pandemic, and from June 15 until the end of the month there will be six flights from Nice to London Gatwick. From July the frequency will be increased and other destinations added, such as Bristol. Overall, the airline will operate at around 30 percent of its usual capacity between July and September.

EasyJet has been the dominant carrier at Nice Airport for some time, until the coronavirus hit, and in recent weeks Air France has taken up the slack, slowly increasing the connection to Paris to four flights daily.

EasyJet’s hygiene measures will involve not selling food during flights, extra cleaning of aircraft, and the free availability of disinfection wipes and hand sanitiser.

Robert Carey, the airline’s chief commercial and planning officer, said: “We are delighted to announce that we will be flying the majority of our route network across Europe, meaning customers can still get to their chosen destination for their summer holidays this year. We’re passionate about helping our customers get back flying, which is why we’re offering one million seats at £29.99 for those planning on booking a holiday this summer.”

PHOTO: EasyJet will distribute specially-designed face masks for children