No new cases of coronavirus were reported in Monaco on Sunday, May 10, following the announcement of a new case on Saturday, the first in 11 days. A total of 96 cases have been reported so far, with 86 full recoveries and four deaths. Only one of the deaths was of a Monaco resident.

In the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes lockdown will start to be eased from Monday morning, May 11.

The latest figures from France are very encouraging, with just 310 new cases and 70 new deaths on Sunday, after 579 new cases and 80 new deaths on Saturday, May 9. Considerable success has been reported in contact tracing as a number of clusters of infections have occurred, including one in the Dordogne where nine cases were confirmed following a funeral.

Italy, meanwhile, reported 802 new cases and 165 new deaths on Sunday, following 1,083 new cases and 194 new deaths on Saturday, while the number of people currently infected is following a steep downturn. In Spain, another European hotspot, 1,880 new cases and 143 new deaths were reported on Sunday, compared to 2,666 new cases and 179 new deaths on Saturday, May 9.

In the UK, there was encouraging news, with 3,923 new cases and 268 new deaths were reported on Sunday, compared to 3,896 new cases and 346 new deaths on Saturday. Germany reported 456 new cases and 11 new deaths on Sunday amid concerns that a second wave may hit following a major relaxation of lockdown rules.

The situation in the US continues to deteriorate. 25,524 new cases and 1,422 new deaths were reported on Saturday, the last day for which figures are available. The total death toll in the US now stands at 80,715.

PHOTO: For Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, the coronavirus epidemic has been both a challenge and an opportunity in the face of national interests. “Europe must emerge stronger from this crisis,” she said on Europe Day, May 9