The sixth meeting of the Covid-19 Joint Monitoring Committee was held on Thursday, April 30, at the Department of State at which Ministers consulted representatives of the National Council on the decisions taken by the Government for the progressive lifting of the lockdown, which will come into effect from Monday, May 4, at 06:00.

Ministers insisted that the success of the deconfinement plan will depend on the vigilance and involvement of all and will be put into practice only if the health situation continues to develop favourably. The border with France will be subject to frequent checks due to the different timetables of the Principality and its neighbour, which eases its own lockdown one week later.

In anticipation of a large influx of cars on Monday, various options to use public spaces for parking were also discussed. Also on the agenda were the implementation of flexible working hours, private lease arrangements, and the return to school of some year groups. The National Council representatives confirmed their request to provide childcare facilities for children whose parents have to work. The Government said it had taken all the necessary health measures to guarantee the protection of pupils and teachers.

ORIGINAL SOURCES: Monaco Government Press Office, National Council