How to emerge from the coronavirus lockdown is the main topic for France’s political leaders and pundits as the health situation improves and May 11 draws near. On that date schools will start to welcome pupils back into the classroom, assuming that the downward trend in infections and deaths continues.

On Wednesday, April 22, Government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye refused to confirm that a target date of June 15 had been set for the reopening of cafes, bars and restaurants. Her comments came two days before President Macron is due to make a decision on the reopening of the sector and other plans for ‘de-confinement.’ The eventual plan will include aid to the sector.

“We need time to develop the various scenarios for resumption of activity, so I obviously can not confirm the date of June 15,” Sibeth Ndiaye said. Meanwhile, senators for a number of regions that have not been badly affected by the crisis have asked that these areas should be allowed to reopen ahead of worst-hit areas. Apart from the Alpes-Maritimes, other less-affected regions include Normandy and Brittany, all three being important holiday destinations.

PHOTO: Sibeth Ndiaye