British Airways is continuing to operate flights from Nice to London Heathrow during the ongoing coronavirus emergency. A number of flights were cancelled during April, but the airline is advertising daily departures again from May 1. On the days when BA is not flying, as few as two flights are operating to and from Nice, one to Bastia, Corsica, and the second to Paris. Both flights are operated by Air France. All flights now operate from Terminal 2.

Travellers to Heathrow will not be screened on arrival. “There are currently no temperature checks at Heathrow for arriving flights, so you should not expect to see them when you land. This is not a measure that Heathrow decided itself; we would like to reassure you that Heathrow is following the guidance and advice of Public Health England (PHE) on which measures are required to contain and respond to coronavirus effectively,” the airport explains on its website.

The French authorities have allowed air travel to continue within the Schengen zone, and since the UK’s departure from the EU is in a transition stage, they have allowed fights to continue even though Britain has never been a member of the common travel area. However, on arrival at Nice it is necessary for travellers to be able to prove that their journey is warranted, and not for tourism. It is our understanding at Monaco Daily News that residency in France and Monaco is an acceptable reason.

In terms of getting to and from Nice Airport, the 110 Airport Express service was suspended on April 6.

note to readers: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this report and we caution readers that conditions and circumstances can change very quickly. However, at the time of publication, 23:50 on Tuesday, April 21, we believe the information in this article is correct