No new coronavirus cases were reported in Monaco on Monday, April 20. A total of 94 people have been infected by the coronavirus since the start of the epidemic. The total of patients who have recovered completely is 23 patients. Seven people remain hospitalised, three of them in intensive care.

It should be noted that not all people tested and hospitalised are resident in the Principality. The Prince’s Government thanks and wishes to show its full support to each Monegasque and to each resident during this special period.

Italy reported 791 fewer new cases – to 2,256 – and 454 deaths – up by 21 from Sunday – on Monday evening. The number of people in hospital also fell slightly. New cases fell sharply in Spain, to 1,536 down from 4,258 on the previous day, while new deaths fell from 410 to 399. The latest figures from France are too unreliable to report.

In the UK, 5,850 new cases were reported on Monday, up from 5,525 on Sunday, and 596 new hospital deaths, down from 888 on Sunday. According to a number of medical associations more then 100 health and care workers have died since the start of the epidemic, some of whom have been working without adequate personal protection. The UK has one of the lowest coronavirus testing rates in the world, data has revealed. In a comparison of 17 countries with the largest coronavirus outbreaks, Britain ranks 15th above only Peru and India, according to the Daily Mail.

Austria, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic have all partially relaxed lockdown rules, while pressure is growing in France for a timetable to be outlined for other relaxation measures once children start to go back to school from May 11.

PHOTO: Germany’s Angela Merkel has warned of a second wave of infections if lockdowns are relaxed too quickly