The National Council has come out in opposition to the reopening of building sites in Monaco. In a statement on Monday, the Council said: “The National Council regrets that the Government did not take into account the unanimous request of elected officials to stop all public and private worksites, (during) this time of health confinement, (as) registered in its resolution voted on March 19 last. The projects that continue or resume, are therefore the sole responsibility of the Government.”

The statement came on the same day that another construction site restarted, at the entrance to Monaco on the boulevard du Jardin Exotique. The site will work extended hours, from 07:30 until 19:30 the Government said on Friday. Meanwhile, another project in the same area will involve the diversion of traffic, and work will take place from 07:30 until 22:00 each day. Incoming traffic will be diverted into the tunnel to Fontvieille.

The National Council has also repeated its call for the bonus agreed to be paid to front-line nursing staff be extended to non-nursing staff as well as firefighters, police officers and civil servants.

A public session of the National Council to consider the amended budget for 2020 will be held on Tuesday, April 21, at 17:00, closed to the public but accessible through MonacoInfo.

PHOTO: blvd, du Jardin Exotique