UPDATED April 1, 04:30: For the third day in a row, three more people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the Principality, bringing the total to 52, including two patients who have now recovered.

Eleven people are in hospital, two of them in intensive care. Only those suffering from strong symptoms are hospitalised, while those with milder symptoms are under remote medical care at home.

At present, they number 90, and not all have yet tested positive. In order to support these mildly symptomatic cases, the Prince’s Government has set up a Home Patient Monitoring Centre. This unit, which makes direct contact with the patients concerned, is responsible for ensuring their comfort and responding to requests for medical and logistical assistance.

The Prince’s Government underlines the importance of remaining fully committed to respecting the rules of home confinement.

The Government is operating an excellent helpline in English, to answer a wide range of queries: https://covid19.mc/en/

According to the World Bank, Monaco has the highest humber of hosptal beds per 1,000 population than any other country.

PHOTO: Minister of Health and Social Affairs Didier Gamerdinger visits the home monitoring centre