The Government has decided to close all educational establishments in the Principality, including creches, from Monday, in an effort to stop or slow the spread of coronavirus.

“This measure aims to protect our children and reduce the spread of the virus across our territory. According to the epidemiologists and the doctors who work with the Prince’s Government in the management of this health crisis, children and the youngest are likely to spread the virus quickly, even if, for children, they sometimes have no symptoms and, fortunately, today do not seem to suffer from acute forms of the disease,” the Government said at lunchtime on Friday.

“The Monegasque authorities will set up a daycare service for the children of staff whose activity is essential in the fight against the epidemic or for the functioning of the State and organisations of vital importance.

“Priority will be given to parents whose job is to care for and protect against the virus. Parents can also find a solution in schools for children who cannot be looked after other than by the elderly. As a last resort, a case-by-case solution will be put in place for parents who are unable to have their children looked after.”

The educational service will employ digital tools to ensure the continuity of teaching and monitoring of students, the statement said.

A telephone number has been set up for questions on the school closures: 98 98 47 01 and an email:

Finally, the Government said that: “Every effort should be made to stem the spread of the virus and to protect those most at risk. Each of us has a share of the protection of others, starting with our loved ones. The Prince’s Government calls on everyone’s sense of responsibility and civic duty to adopt the most cautious behaviour.”