The Astonish Media Group, based in New York, has announced its expansion with a new EU office in Paris and a satellite office in Monaco. The current Astonish EU headquarters is in London, and will remain the headquarters of Astonish Media Group’s European presence.

Its International Committee reviewed potential EU offices in Luxembourg, Brussels, Munich, and Frankfurt before deciding that Paris would be the ideal operational office for Astonish Media Group EU, the company said.

“Due to legal and tax implications around the Brexit of the United Kingdom from the EU, Astonish Media Group needs to adapt to the business situation and climate,” said Paula Conway, President of Astonish Media Group.  “The new Paris office is instrumental in Astonish maintaining a solid foothold within the EU business community.” The Monaco office will be in the Monte Carlo Sun, 74 Boulevard d’Italie.

Astonish Media Group in surprise Monaco moveFounded in 2000, Astonish offers media services ranging from public relations and branding to content syndication, publishing, and client management. The eclectic focus of the agency is the reflection of founders Paula and John Conway, whose backgrounds include entertainment, public relations, publishing, writing, reporting, talent representation, film and television production.