The Directorate of Health Action has held a conference on attention disorders in children and adolescents, intended for teachers, associations and childhood professionals.

In his introduction, Alexandre Bordero said: “We must support the daily care of children who need our help to succeed in their journey so that everyone, in our area of ​​expertise, we help build their future. “

Emmanuelle Muller, Coordinator for the implementation and monitoring of specific educational devices at the Directorate of National Education, Youth and Sports (DENJS), added: “Through these meetings, we want to provide teachers with health recommendations, but also simple and effective advice, in order to facilitate the communication and the care of these children who require an adapted pedagogy. This is an interdepartmental action… which marks the will to leave no one behind.”

Doctor Renaud-Yang, of the Medico-Psychological Pole for Children and Adolescents of the Plati Center, spoke of the problems linked to Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (ADHD) in order to sensitise education professionals and allow them to better understand and grasp the different facets of the problem.

In order to better manage the needs of children and families, each school in the Principality has a component on welcoming and supporting strategies for students with special educational needs. It takes into account personalised schooling projects, and the arrangements and adaptations necessary for the schooling of these students to promote the engagement of the student.

Monaco’s Department of Social Affairs and Health wishes to highlight Attention Deficit Disorder and its associated disorders, so that families are heard and that health and educational professionals can better take care of them, because their role is essential, faced with a situation in which they are sometimes apparently powerless.

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