Azura, the London and Monaco-based wealth-management firm focused on billionaire entrepreneurs, has its eyes on Singapore as it plans to establish a presence outside Europe, reports.

Founder Ali Jamal, Julius Baer’s former head of key emerging clients, is expanding Azura’s London team of six bankers with plans to hire 14 more in the UK capital by the end of 2020. It also expects to grow its footprint in Monaco and Singapore, although, despite the challenges of Brexit, Jamal is still enthusiastic about London.

London is ideal “for security, for its financial system, for the lifestyle and the amount of wealthy individuals living here or moving here,” Jamal told Bloomberg. In reference to the forthcoming general election in the UK, Jamal added: “It’s very difficult to see Jeremy Corbyn winning, and even if he wins I don’t think that he will have a majority. He said that a Conservative victory would turbocharge the financial centre. “We’re going to see people coming back, more inflows and the glamour return.”