Royal Yacht Brokers is the first brokerage company to present eco-friendly full solar-powered luxury yachts which reduce carbon emission whilst raising the issue of damaging environmental effects on maritime transportations.

CEO Tommaso Chiabra says “for a long time we have been looking to bring a change into this industry. It is a contradiction to be sailing and seeing this beautiful natural paradise while ruining the environment at the same time.”

Founded in 2010 by Tommaso Chiabra and Manuele Thiella, the Monaco based enterprise specialises in yacht sales, charter, and management, and has representative offices in London, Dubai, Fort Lauderdale, Ibiza, St Barth’s and Chicago. With instant access to over 2,000 mega yachts worldwide and a client base featuring numerous personalities from the political, entertainment, and financial sphere, RYB aims to innovate the brokerage system by adapting to today’s dynamic and more environmentally conscious market, the company said.

A deal has been reach with Australian producer Silent Yachts with a shipyard in Italy to distribute globally the first motor yacht fully operated by solar panels at zero fuel emission delivering a true green luxury experience avoiding noises and environmental damages.

Conventional motor-yachts are powered by diesel or petrol engines. Additionally, they have a Generator on board to supply all household appliances. Depending on the size of the yacht, two or three diesel-engines are working for propulsion and household. On sailing-yachts, depending on the operational area and the wind- and weather conditions, additionally to the sails a diesel-engine is needed for the propulsion of the boat. When anchored in a quiet bay, the noisy diesel-engine is operated to provide the energy needed on the boat.

On the other hand, A Silent yacht can cruise up to 100 miles a day without fuel, permanently and for weeks featuring virtually unlimited range. SILENT solar power systems feed the electric propulsion of the catamarans (short term speed up to 20kn) and all household energy needs. It’s able to generate enough power through its high-efficiency solar cells to power both onboard amenities as well as propulsion.

Light-weight Lithium-Batteries provide ample energy for the propulsion as well as for all household appliances, for television, air-conditioning, ice-machine, water-maker, laptop, and so on. The Silent catamarans claim 100 percent solar power, and one of its most unique features, compared to traditional yachts, is the absence of a loud and smelly gas-powered motor.

In addition to the advantage of a silent riding experience, the boat runs emissions-free, has no heat build-up, has no marine fumes, and has significantly less maintenance than a traditional gas yacht. The solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, and the batteries come with an eight-year warranty.

PHOTO: A Silent Yacht