Employers’ representatives have signed a Charter for the Equality of Women and Men at Work proposed by the Department of Social Affairs and Health, in conjunction with all stakeholders and the Committee for Promotion and the Protection of Women’s Rights.

This Charter embodies the commitment of employers to promote the equality of women and men at work. Signatory membership is a sign of their willingness to act concretely and to bring about a lasting convergence in salaries.

Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, said: “I am deeply convinced that the equality of women and men is above all a state of mind . I think this state of mind we have in Monaco even if there is still some way to go. That is why I suggested to the employer representatives of the Principality to commit to this, and to recognise the place of women in the world of work.”

HE Serge Telle, Minister of State, said on behalf of Civil Servants: “This is a major issue for the women of Monaco, of course, but more broadly for the Principality as a whole. To promote women’s rights is to fight for the most fundamental values ​​that unite and define us. Promoting women’s rights means working for justice, freedom and universality.”

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Office PHOTO: Minister of State Serge Telle