Monaco is joining forces with many other states for Waste Reduction Week (SERD), which will take place from November 16 to 24, on the theme of “Education and communication towards waste reduction.”

The week of events will promote awareness activitieson the sustainable management of resources and waste both in Europe and beyond.

Private individuals, civil society and the public sector are invited to set up and produce their own activities to mark the week. They must focus on “reduce, reuse, recycle”. The various clean-up operations that will take place during the week will support this initial message.

“Join for a week the great 3R movement by taking concrete actions in your business, your administration or your family, changing your daily consumption habits to reduce waste while raising awareness of this issue,” the Government said.

“To find out more about the approach, to be informed of organisational meetings, to benefit from European communication media and to promote your actions so that they are listed and developed in the official SERD programme, contact: The Direction of the Environment: + 377 98 98 83 41 – Cyrielle Dumas or Stars’n’Bars: + 377 97 97 95 95 – Louise Svensson.”

A Facebook page and the #SERD Monaco will coordinate and publicise the full range of activities.