On Monday, October 14, Jean Castellini, Minister for Finance and Economy, opened the Art & Finance 2019 conference, organised by Deloitte, which chose the Principality to host its 12th edition.

According to Jean Castellini, “there is no better place in the world to approach this theme than Monaco, where artists live and thrive, where collectors possess exceptional works of art, and where private bankers have expertise to advise very demanding clients in the management and diversification of their assets. “

“Today, art has become a real market, and the interaction between artists, collectors, investors, auction houses, and new technologies is the key to success,” he said in the preamble to this conference dedicated to the emerging art industry.

In front of 350 participants from 28 countries, international experts and local actors tackled different topics such as art collecting in an era of greater transparency, the art of yachts, the evolution of the art market of the art until 2030, technology at the service of art and the impact of virtual reality on private museums.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Office