A 43-year-old Portuguese woman has been sentenced to a suspended jail term by Monaco’s Criminal Court for defamation of her former employer, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reports.

The defendant had posted a video on Youtube in which she accused him of rape, She also sent emails and letters to prominent people in Monaco. “He’s an aggressive, violent man, a criminal, trying to destroy me, forcing me to sleep with him,” she wrote. A few days later she said: “Pay attention to this character, stay away: he is dangerous, he rapes girls in his office.”

As recently as February 2018 the woman in question asked her former employer for references and intimated that she would offer sexual favours in return, the court was told.

Representing the plaintiff, Raphaëlle Svara said that the culprit had been influenced by the Weinstein case. “She humiliated my client who enjoys a good reputation in the Principality,” he said. He asked for 20,000 euros in damages.

The defendant was ordered to pay 5,000 euros and was sentenced to three months in prison, suspended. However, she left the Principality before the case came to court.