MonacoTech, the startup incubator, has hosted a day of talks and conferences with two prestigious speakers, in the person of Mathias Pastor and Osama Ammar, leaders of ‘The Family’.

Founded in 2013, this pan-European company provides start-ups in its portfolio with support and services in return for an equity stake. As Oussama Ammar, co-founder and director, said: “Our vocation is to enter and stay in businesses, so our role is to educate, support and protect.”

Over the last six years, ‘The Family’ has supported nearly 600 startups, of which 275 are still active, and 10 have now exceeded €100 million valuations.

On the initiative of MonacoTech’s Director, Fabrice Marquet, the morning was devoted to an exchange between Mathias Pastor and a panel of entrepreneurs, including of course startups hosted in situ as well as students from the Principality, curious about learning more about the common mistakes that any business creator makes in the first moments of his entrepreneurial career.

At the end of the day, it was the turn of Osama Ammar to present his vision on feedback from ‘The Family’ in front of a more institutional audience at the forefront of which was Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in charge of Digital Transition

Ouassama Ammar particularly emphasised the vocation of the entrepreneur: “We must convince ourselves of certain truths. Entrepreneurs often exist because they had no other choice than to create to get out, always borne by a wind of freedom. Their primary quality is to rebel against the static state of society in general. This has always existed, but the difference today is the speed of this development that creates a shock, like Uber. Finally, the relationship to money has changed. It becomes more complicated because everything becomes less and less expensive to create but proves more and more difficult to launch,” he said.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Government Press Office PHOTO: Ouassama Ammar