Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister for infrastructure and environment, presented an outline of the Government’s transport policies to the members of the Economic and Social Council on Thursday, October 3.

At the invitation of its President, Caroline Rougaignon-Verdin, Marie Pierre-Gramaglia said that mobility was a major concern of the Government, which is listening to civil society and economic and social players, all involved in the challenge of transport in the Principality.

The Minister hammered out the objective: to reduce car traffic by 20 percent by 2030, thanks in particular to the implementation of digital tools, information and support. The ambition is to facilitate the mobility of everyone in Monaco, by personalising them.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia reported on the mechanisms due to be implemented in the short and medium term, including the creation of car parking on the border, the improvement of the rail service, and the development of teleworking. She also mentioned Travel Plans for Administration and Business and Carpooling, the multimodal pass that will be launched next year.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Government Press Office