Sunseeker CEO Andrea Frabetti has told Monaco Daily News at the Monaco Yacht Show that the Chinese-owned British luxury motor yacht manufacturer particularly values its partnership with another iconic firm, Rolls-Royce. “There is something special about the cooperation between two British brands,” he said. The two firms are cooperating in the development of cleaner, quieter and more environmentally-friendly engines. “This is something our clients really appreciate,” he added.

Sunseeker’s debut metal-hulled yacht, with an aluminium hull, the first 161 vessel is expected to launch in 2021. It will be built at the Icon Yachts yard in the Netherlands.

One of Sunseeker’s chief selling points is that the 161 can be styled to each owner’s unique taste, although all of the yachts will have opulent interior spaces. Design Unlimited studio’s chief executive added that the company would make use of its previous experience working on two smaller Sunseeker models, the Predator and the Manhattan.

Meanwhile, Darren Barnett, of Rolls-Royce company MTU, said that through its working partnership with Sunseeker, a new generation of yacht engines will take the industry much further forward. “Most propulsion systems are no more than an engine and a gearbox, but by combining diesel with electric power, we can make the engines much cleaner and quieter, more economic, and more environmentally friendly.”

Before taking the helm at Sunseeker in June of 2019, Andrea Frabetti had been Chief Technical Officer at the company. He worked for more than 25 years at the Italian luxury superyacht company Ferretti.

PHOTO: Andrea Frabetti (left) with Darren Barnett of Rolls-Royce company MTU Jack Brodie