Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived safely in New York on the morning of Wednesday, August 28, after battling heavy seas and a wave of hostile comments from a raft of climate change deniers. Monaco Yacht Club’s carbon-neutral Malizia II anchored off Coney Island to for customs and immigration formalities after a 15-day voyage across the Atlantic at about 20:45 Monaco time.

Thunberg wanted to travel to New York, where she will address the three-day United Nations climate action summit starting on September 21, without using air travel.

The yacht had carried Ms Thunberg, her father, and a documentary film maker as well as Pierre Casiraghi, a nephew of HSH Prince Albert, and Boris Hermann, the yacht’s captain and a professional racing sailor. The 16 year-old Swedish schoolgirl also plans to visit Canada and Mexico and on to Chile in December for the annual UN climate conference.

PHOTO: Greta Thunberg on board Malizia II in New York