Bike sharing in the Principality has taken a new turn with the electric pedal-assist BOOST bike, which will help Monaco residents and tourists navigate its hilly terrain without breaking a sweat, the Canadian manufacturer says.

HSH Prince Albert unveiled the new MonaBike at the Prince’s Palace on Friday, July 12, alongside Monaco’s minister of infrastructure and environment Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, the honorary consul of Canada to Monaco, Caroline Pratte, as well as PBSC CEO Luc Sabbatini and bus company CAM director of operations, Roland de Rechniewski.

MonaBike’s official launch was on Saturday, July 13. The new bikes will be a pillar of Monaco’s Smart City programme, aimed at promoting low-carbon mobility in all its forms.

“After proving an unequivocal success with users in Barcelona and Valence, France, where ridership increased at launch and continues to increase steadily, we are excited to bring our fully-electric bike share – a true micro-mobility solution – to Monaco,” said Mr Sabbatini.

CAM, with PBSC’s support, deployed the new MonaBike system in record time, thus cementing PBSC’s reputation for speedy, punctual rollouts. The 35 MonaBike charging stations – 18 more compared to the previous system – can be found throughout Monaco, from Monte Carlo and the Prince’s Palace, to the casino, train station, and in Beausoleil from September. Smart charging stations located in underground parking lots, invite commuters to leave their cars behind and hop on a bike for the last leg of their journey.

The BOOST can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h and has an autonomy range of 60 km, so users can cycle worry-free. Its rear propulsion motor adjusts based on riders’ needs, propelling them smoothly and comfortably without noise or vibrations. Once docked, the e-bike battery begins to automatically recharge.

Locating, renting and returning a MonaBike is as easy as 1-2-3! PBSC’s intuitive CycleFinder mobile app features real-time mapping of stations. It also allows you to easily unlock an e-bike by scanning its QR code. CAM subscribers can even use their transit pass to rent out a MonaBike: simply tap your pass on a bike’s docking station and go.