Monaco’s Moretti Gallery can be relied upon to present the foremost of contemporary art, filtering out the flippant and unserious. Its current And There Was Light exhibition continues the trend.

In its new exhibition artist Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein presents incandescent and chromatically-charged abstract compositions alongside works from the late Middle Ages by celebrated artists of the time.

Introducing the exhibition to journalists on Monday, July 1, the erudite Julian Solms remarked on the striking resonance between the iconic works of 14th century artists and that of Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein. Her rather explosive works evoke the Big Bang of Creation itself.

Collectors can witness this formidable exhibition for themselves from Wednesday, July 3, until July 26.

MAIN PHOTO: The artist points to the bright colour of clothes in one of the earlier pieces, spanning seven centuries Ian Brodie