Following the armed and masked robbery of the ‘Monaco Watch Company’ store on Boulevard des Moulins last month, management of the luxury watch store have announced that they will reward anyone who provides information that would lead to the arrest of the culprits or the discovery of the whereabouts of the stolen watches. The size of the reward is yet to be listed.

Patek Philippe, Rolex and Audemars Piguet are among the brands of the 83 stolen timepieces, amounting to a total loss of four million euros. The full list of stolen watches is available on a dedicated section of the Monaco Watch Company website, which can be viewed here.

CCTV Footage from the store has been released, showing a shocking scene in which an armed robber disguised as an older man with a mask and walking stick carried out the robbery. The full video can be viewed here.

The masked man and his accomplice fled the scene and remain at large along with the stolen watches. In the meantime, the ‘Monaco Watch Company’ store reopened at the beginning of June.

Featured image by Jack Brodie: The empty display of the ‘Monaco Watch Company’ left untouched following the theft