The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) showcased a safer and more sustainable future for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship on Thursday, June 6, with the presentation of the much anticipated technical regulations that will define the sport from the 2026 season onwards.

Developed in consultation with the FIA F1 Technical Working Groups, and formulated in collaboration with F1, the sport’s 10 teams, original equipment and power unit manufacturers, outline details of the new regulations were revealed in Montreal ahead of this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

The teams will have already begun preparing for the upcoming regulation updates, the highlights of which include more powerful hybrid engines that run on 100 percent sustainable fuel, while boasting a 300 percent increase in electrical power.

All cars will weigh 30 kilograms less and be narrower, dropping from two meters in width to 1.9. Downforce will be reduced by 30 percent and drag by 55, with front and rear tyres being reduced to 25 millimetres and 30 millimetres respectively.

Two new aerodynamic modes, ‘Z-Mode’ and ‘X-Mode’ will be introduced, allowing drivers to alter aero modes for emphasis on cornering or straight line speed. The front wheel arches have proven to be a short lived idea in F1, as they will no longer feature on cars from 2026.

An upmost priority for the FIA, safety has been well thought out. The two-stage front impact structure has been revised to better protect against secondary impacts during incidents, while side intrusion protection and roll hoop loads have been increased.

FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem said “today, the FIA is defining a hugely exciting future for the pinnacle of motorsport with the launch of a comprehensive new set of regulations for the 2026 FIA Formula One World Championship and beyond,” while F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali commented “these regulations mark a significant moment in the future of our sport as we look forward to a new generation of car and power unit that aims to give our fans closer and exciting racing.”