Although no official announcement has been made, HSH Prince Albert has chosen a successor to outgoing incumbent Pierre Dartout, according to reliable French political journal La Lettre.

The post of head of the Prince’s Government will go to Didier Guillaume, a former minister of agriculture in France. He will take office just ahead of the August quiet season, on July 26. His likely appointment has been attributed to his shared interests with the Sovereign in sport and fine dining. Both are members of the exclusive One Hundred Club, a male bastion of gourmet enthusiasms.

Mr Guillaume is a staunch rugby supporter and has taken part in the Monte-Carlo Rally as an amateur driver.

His appointment, if confirmed, runs against the tradition of appointing former Prefects to the prestigious post. However, it would appear that the Elysee Palace will go along with the choice.

Apart from the prestige, the post of Minister of State comes with a villa with splendid see views and a monthly salary of 35,000 euros.

PHOTO: Official portrait of Didier Guillaume