Monaco’s prosecutor is appealing against the acquittal last week of the owner of Sass Cafe and a former manager in the case involving prostitutes at the fashionable venue, frequented in the past by many illustrious showbiz figures.

The prosecution had asked for a year in prison for Samuel Treves, also known as Samy T, and Pascal Cotillon.

Although prostitution itself is not illegal in the Principality, the prosecution had alleged that Sass Cafe’s accommodation of prostitutes went beyond what was reasonable. Working girls were given the label T, for travailleuses, against their reservations, and a rationing system was imposed, the court had heard.

Prostitutes were graded according to desirability, including choice of perfume, as well as elocution, Monaco Criminal Court was told.

Lawyers for the two men said that they were confident that they would be successful against the appeal when the case comes to court again in the autumn.