On Tuesday, May 14 at the Novotel Monte-Carlo, the Monaco Economic Board, in collaboration with the Order of Public Accountants of Monaco, organised a conference titled ‘The Artificial Intelligence Revolution and ChatGPT: trends, opportunities and concerns for businesses’, presented by Svend Albertsen, IT Expert and President of the Chambre Professionnelle des Experts de Monaco.

More than a hundred executives attended the event to find out more about this issue, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses. So, by making a complex subject understandable to everyone, the aim was to raise awareness of the speed at which Artificial Intelligence has been advancing over the last few months, and how to prepare for it as quickly as possible.

After a brief introduction, enhanced by interactive demonstrations, the fundamental terminology and learning techniques of AI were explained. The themes highlighted provided an understanding of the various phases in the evolution of AI, and how to implement it, with concrete illustrations of the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot technology in the professional world.

The opportunities for implementing AI were also developed, highlighting the potential for improving productivity in many areas. However, the more worrying aspects were not overlooked, such as copyright issues, the impact on jobs, and, above all, cybersecurity.

Finally, the future of AI was considered, with subjects such as supercomputers and quantum computing opening up vast possibilities and significantly transforming tomorrow’s business world. “We’re only at the beginning,” Albertsen kept reminding us.

Following the presentation, MEB members had the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject with the impassioned speaker and to exchange views amongst themselves on a phenomenon that increasingly resembles a true industrial revolution.

This conference was organised with the support of the Chambre Professionnelle des Experts de Monaco and the Chambre Monégasque de l’Assurance.

(Original Source MEB Press Service)

Featured image courtesy of MEB / P.H. Sébastien Darrasse: from left to right Justin Highman, Deputy Director General of MEB; Pierre Brière, President of the Monegasque Chamber of Insurance; Svend Albertsen, IT Expert and President of the Chamber of Accountants of Monaco; Guillaume Rose, Executive Director General of MEB; Stéphane Garino, President of the Order of Public Accountants of Monaco