As part of the Monaco Town Hall’s commitment to protecting the environment, and more precisely with the aim of raising awareness among different generations, the Municipal Institution is organising a completely new event in the Principality; a fresco marathon with an environmental theme.

This ‘Marathon of Frescoes’ will take place on the occasion of World Environment Day this year, on Wednesday, June 5, from 14:00 to 17:00, in the Princess Antoinette Park.

In total, 5 frescoes will be created:

The ‘Climate Fresco’, a family special for those 10 years old and above, will allow everyone to understand the mechanics, scale and complexity of the challenges posed by climate change in order to explore collectively possible solutions.

The ‘Compost Loop’ will focus on understanding the nature and ecological functions of soils. This fresco will raise awareness of the consumption of resources and its ecological impact, by focusing on bio-waste. Furthermore, it will encourage new consumption habits to reduce the ecological footprint.

The ‘Circular Economy Fresco’ will aim to shed light on the issues inherent in the transition of production and consumption systems towards a more virtuous circular model. Its objective will be to refocus the debate on the use of natural resources, and the management of externalities, waste and pollution generated by our different lifestyles.

The ‘Ocean Fresco’ will highlight issues relating to the ocean and the repercussions of our activities on this ecosystem, with the aim of providing concrete levers for action.

The ‘Water Fresco’ will comprehensively address the water cycle. Participants will explore 4 key aspects: the natural water cycle, the anthropogenic cycle influenced by human activity, as well as the impacts of humans and climate change on these processes. This fresco will make it possible to evaluate the individual and collective measures that can be taken for better management of this precious resource.

Participation is free but signing up is necessary, this can be done by emailing

(Original Source Monaco Town Hall Press Service)

Featured image: ‘The Creation of Adam’, a famous example of a fresco by Michelangelo