The Prince’s Government is cracking down on dangerous and exuberant driving during two upcoming events that are more than likely to attract more fast and flashy cars.

Said vehicles in violation of the Highway Code during the 81st Formula One Monaco Grand-Prix, from May 23 to 26 and the Top Marques Monaco 2024 show, from June 5 to 9, will face an extended period of immobilisation of 120 hours, as was the case in previous editions.

“The Prince’s Government draws attention to the fact that certain particularly attractive events can cause significant concentrations of vehicles likely to cause significant disturbances to public order. Very often unscheduled, these sports car gatherings are likely to give rise to the commission of proven traffic offences and inappropriate and dangerous behaviour. The will of the Prince’s Government is to curb the phenomena mentioned, but also to fight more effectively against the perpetrators of occasional nuisances and thus preserve the public tranquility and security of the residents of the Principality,” reads a government press release.

Read the full ministerial order on the Journal de Monaco website here.

Featured image courtesy of the Direction of Communication