A new shared composting area will be set up at the Princess Antoinette Park vegetable garden from 09:00 on Saturday, May 4, allowing everyone to ecologically dispose of their household organic waste. The composting site will be accessible to the public during park opening hours.

Four separate bins will be installed, allowing the stages to be differentiated; two input bins to deposit the organic waste, one bin of crushed material to complete and ensure the balance of the compost, and one maturing bin for resting the compost before its use.

The compost produced will be used particularly to nourish the soil and ensure good growth of the Princess Antoinette Park plantations. Accepted organic waste includes peelings, shells, coffee grounds, tea, fruits and vegetables.

From 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturday, May 4, Claire Serrano, ‘Master Composter’ of the ‘Terre en Compost’ association, will be present to explain the principle of composting and answer users’ questions.

“Through this new ecological and natural approach, the Municipal Institution once again confirms its commitment to protecting the environment and reducing waste by offering residents of the Principality simple solutions to encourage virtuous and environmentally friendly behaviour,” reads the Town Hall press release.

Original Source: Monaco Town Hall press service – featured image: Princess Antoinette Park