Major air travel disruption will hit France on Thursday, April 25, with 75 percent of flights from Paris cancelled. Airlines had been given advance notice to cancel flights and this means that disruption will occur despite the fact that the largest air traffic controllers’ union lifted its strike notice on Tuesday.

In Nice the figure is about 50 percent, with cancellations already announced during the day on Wednesday. Delays can also be expected throughout the day.

The controllers’ unions have also announced a three day strike over the Ascension long weekend, on May 9, 10, and 11, unless more pay demands are met.

EasyJet flights appear to be the most affected at Nice on Thursday. According to the latest information at 19:00 on Wednesday evening, flights to many popular European destinations are cancelled, with multiple other airlines also effected.

The full list of cancelled flights: EasyJet flight EJU1617 to Bordeaux, EasyJet flight EJU1631 to Paris, Air France flight AF6201 to Paris, Lufthansa flight LH1069 to Frankfurt, Lufthansa flight LH2271 to Munich, EasyJet flight EJU1611 to Lille, EasyJet flight EJU4526 to Paris, Air France flight AF7301 to Paris, Swiss International flight LX563 to Zurich, Air France flight AF6207 to Paris, EasyJet flight EJU1629 to Paris, Air France flight AF1701 to Lyon, EasyJet flight EJU1633 to Paris, Air France flight AF6241 to Paris, Flight Italia Trasporto AZ343 to Rome, EasyJet flight EZS1326 to Geneva, EasyJet flight EJU1707 to Barcelona, Air France flight AF6211 to Paris, EasyJet flight EJU5144 to Berlin, Brussels Airlines flight SN3618 to Brussels, EasyJet flight EZS1052 to Basel, Royal Air Maroc flight AT715 to Casablanca, Air Corsica flight XK103 to Ajaccio, Luxair flight LG8256 to Luxembourg, Air France flight AF6217 to Paris, EasyJet flight EZS1330 to Geneva, EasyJet flight EZS133 to Toulouse, SAS flight SK794 to Copenhagen, EasyJet flight EZY2766 to Bristol,, EasyJet flight EJU1635 to Orly EasyJet flight EJU1613 to Lille Aer Lingus flight EI545 to Dublin, Easyjet flight to Nantes, EJU4704 Easyjet flight EJU1754 to Amsterdam, Vueling flight VY1522 to Barcelona,, Brussels Airlines flight SN3622 to Brussels Air France flight AF6225 to Paris, EasyJet flight EZS1332 to Geneva, Easyjet flight EJU4864 to Paris, Air Corsica flight XK407 to Ajaccio, EasyJet flight EZY8424 to London, EasyJet flight EZY2104 to Manchester, TAP flight TP483 to Lisbon, Air France flight AF1697 to Lyon, EasyJet flight EJU1637 to Paris, EasyJet flight EJU1615 to Lille, Easyjet flight EJU1641 to Bordeaux, Easyjet flight EJU1685 to Rome, Easyjet flight EJU4192 to Naples, Volotea flight V72647 to Nantes, EasyJet flight EJU4532 to Paris, EasyJet flight EJU4866 to Paris, EasyJet flight EZS1334 to Geneva, EasyJet flight EJU7612 to Lisbon, Volotea flight V72525 to Lille, Vueling flight VY1518 to Barcelona.

FILE PHOTO: Jack Brodie