This Tuesday, April 16, Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan gave his first press conference since returning to office, during which he thanked the entire Municipal Council, in particular Camille Svara who officiated as Deputy Mayor for several months “in unprecedented and delicate circumstances.”

The mayor of Monaco was placed in police custody on Thursday, December 14, 2023, facing accusations of influence peddling and corruption. Mr Marsan maintained his innocence throughout an entire four month period in which he was banned from contacting his staff at the town hall.

The Monaco Prosecutors Office confirmed on the day of the conference that the ban had been lifted, and that the presumed innocent Mr Marsan could reprise his position at the helm of the town hall. However, it was also confirmed that the Monaco Mayor remains charged and therefore cannot come into contact with market traders.

 “I have nothing in my soul and conscience to reproach myself for… and I will not stop trying to establish my innocence. The only problem at the moment is getting into contact with market traders,” said Mr Marsan.

The Mayor announced during this conference that he intended to file a complaint against an unknown individual with the Attorney General of Monaco for violation of the secrecy of the investigation. 

This conference also allowed Mr Marsan to emphasise that for him it was not a question of a new departure but of the continuation of his mandate, as the longstanding Mayor spoke of large-scale work in progress that will be completed in the not too distant future, including the moving of the Médiathèque and the renovation of the Monte-Carlo and Jardin Exotique nurseries.

All images courtesy of the Monaco Town Hall